Setralit® is the perfect synthesis of nature and technology.

After intensive research a multiplicity of fibres made from natural renewable raw materials are available now. Toxologically these fibres are completely harmless. They substitute fibres, like asbest, glas- and other synthetic fibers, without any loss of quality.


The alternative for pure MoS2 (Molybdenum disulfide)

MIPO® is a Mixed Powder which is used especially as an additive for friction linings, lubricating greases, lubricating pastes, suspensions as well as for self-lubricating plastics. Its mission is to avoid annoying side effects like e.g. fading, jolting or noises when using the end product, and generally to improve its tribological attributes. MIPOs vary in composition depending on both, their end use and their base formulation as employed by our customers.


pure MoS2 powder (Molybdenum disulfide)

For decades Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) has been a successfully used solid lubricant for reducing the adhesion factor and abrasion.


Setral® (Member of the ECCO Group) Lubricants

Being an innovativ producer of high performance lubricants, setral supports our customers to gain effectiv profit by using high quality solutions.

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